Holla Amigos,

Here is your first task, please go through it properly. Keep your confidence and creativity level up. Go through the Brand “NatureFab – the Bamboo Clothing” on the Internet and learn about Bamboo clothing and Sustainable Fashion, before starting.

Website Link



Design 3 social media Post

All 3 post should have different perception/genre to make new people follow and to make followers stay connected with the social page.

Example – One should be on the product, One should be on Social awareness about the product feature, one should be on Value of the product, why people should follow the page.  


Come up with some amazing title and Hashtags

With the post comes an amazing follow-up post title, which should make people follow the account. This can be informative, friendly and should be driving curiosity to visit the social media page.

And trending and high ranking Hashtags to increase organic traffic.


Look up website and Research about How to present the Brand

Learn about bamboo clothing and picture on how to present your content. Content is not always dynamic, some are simple and Impactful, sometimes a simple text on plain background do the job. We don’t have very high expectation from you, keep it easy, impactful and engaging. And be you))

Here are some Photos of product which you can use in your graphics – PHOTOS

It’s not Mandatory to use the given photos in all your post. You can use product photos in one or two posts, whatever you feel like. We want to give you full freedom to showcase your creativity. 



Mail your work on, with your name, graphics/posts, post title and hashtags accordingly. 

Deadline – 10 October